The time has come! We went into the recording studio, en that can only mean one thing: there's one hell of a gig coming up! Saturday the 15th of October, we play our music at café de Zwaan in Heeswijk, to really set the roof on fire this time. We celebrate our newly recorded E.P. and some new work you guys have never heard from us before. We're gonna bring some support called The Smelly Cats, and Keyser Palace. So the bottom line is: BE THERE!

After a break that lasted way too long, we are now back in the game! And to it right, we are proud to anounce that in the month of juli, we are going to rocord our very first EP! To us, this is a dream coming true, and we hope you guys are just as excited as we are. So stay tuned for more info! 

P.s. there will also be new gig dates soon!


There are  two new gigs coming your way! At the 23th of may, we have a gig at the World Skate Center, in 's Hertogenbosch, and at the 4th of juli, we''ll have our second go at the Kanaalfeest in Berlicum. Be sure not to miss out, because these two gigs are gonna be awesome as Hell!

We'd like to thanks all the people wich came to support us at kanaalfeest Berlicum, 5th of July 2014. It was great to be performing for you guysm and we really really hope that you guys had just as much fun as we did! Thanks for the support, keep up the good work people!

Yes people! During one of our rehersals, we've recorded some high quality audio and video, playing a few of our songs. They can now be found at our Youtube channel, by clicking this link: I'd say, watch it over and over again people!

Our "first" gig at wich we played one whole set of songs, beeing the supporting act to Desperados d' Amour, at café Frappant, Berlicum, was a huge succes! The loaded café really soon went beserk, and so did we, so we had a real good time on ánd offstage. Everyone, on behalf of Honkscream, thanks for showing up. Next time, we're gonna kick ass again! (pictures at the "photo's" page)

The time has allmost come, our first recordings are coming your way! At saturday the 4th of january, we've recorded 5 of our home made song: Creatures of the night: Creatures of the night, Fake smiles, Whiskey taking over, End these dark days and punishment. So stay tuned for more news soon to come!

As you can see in the top right menu of this page, we are now the proud owners of a guestbook. This way you can all comment all of our performances. So don't hasitate and send us some of your feedback, it's much appreciated!

Well now, the renewed website is coming to an end, now let the gigs roll in! And they sertainly will, we've just confirmed a new show: the 28th of februari we'll burn down the joint at café de Zwaan in Heeswijk, don't miss it, be there! thanks.

We where asked to play a short gig in café the Holy Cow in Schijndel! We are the supporting act to the Deadbeats and the Pretty Faces, don't miss it!

Right now, we have played our very first gig. After this thort gig, about 4 songs, we've received lots and lots of positive comments. On behalf of the four of us we want to tell you all a very very big thank you. Thanks for beeing there and cheer for us. Thanks to you guys we now feel even more passionate to do even more, and even better next time, so thanks!